#1. Benefits of E-Commerce

Benefits of E-Commerce

One of the ecommerce benefits is that it has a lowerstartup cost. Physical retail stores have to pay up to thousands of dollars torent one of their store locations. Also, they have several upfront costs suchas store signs, store design, buying inventory, sales equipment, and more.


Theapplications of E-commerce are used in various business areas such as retailand wholesale and manufacturing. The most common E-commerce applications are asfollows: Online marketing and purchasing. Retail and wholesale.


How it works (Example):

In e-commerce, exchanges occur between two parties oversome electronic medium, typically the Internet. These exchanges are mostcommonly transactions between companies and consumers, wherein consumers purchaseproducts and services by online payment over a securedwebsite.


Its Needs

Its an online buying and selling process so its needs are as simple as thebusiness means. Customer reaching, High sales, Products quality and on timedelivery are some of the needs of any E-commerce business. And when we talkabout its objectives so basically its objectives are for fulfilling its needs.


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